Client Testimonials

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Depression, anxiety, panic attacks, physical symptoms  "You have taught me coping sills...The EMDR that you recommended seemed to help me tremendously.  I think now that I am 110% better - not totally back to normal, but I'm getting there - thanks to you.  You are very patient, caring, a great listener and super-supportive... I can't imagine myself talking with anyone else.  Thank you!"


Relationship issues, family issues, grief/loss  "Going every week seems to help me talk through the confusion in my head.  I feel like discussing myself and my life has helped me learn things I didn't know or realize before.  It helps me know that the choices I have made and make now are mine and that's okay.  EMDR has helped me with my younger days and filling in some stuff and making connections.  For me the biggest help has just been a safe place built on trust with a compassionate person who gives me input."


PTSD, anger, depression, self-esteem  "By my 2nd or 3rd meeting with you, I did begin to feel as though I could open up and begin to let my demons out.  Many, many years of holding back, not trusting, not allowing my true feelings to be known or seen, has come to light with you, and this is not the way.  Dealing with PTSD and allowing you to take me through the process is very emotional, scary, especially to me since I have been able to hide this for many years.  I am seeing that my way of 'suck it up' is not healthy.  Breaking through the layers, the years, the incidents, is not easy.  But I believe with you help I am starting to get on the right path.  I really want to see this through to the healthy way - to process and deal with all that needs to be dealt with.  Words cannot express my gratitude for what you have helped me with to date.  Thank you is simply not enough.  You have a very positive, can-do attitude.  You come across as very easy to talk to and open up to - even for me."